Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dogs to some are considered to be a man’s best friend. But truth of the matter is, some dogs just weren’t made for interaction with other people or animals. Personal injury cases involving dog bites not only have the opportunity to be very serious but can also put a large amount on stress on both sides of the case.

Liability of the Owner

When a personal injury occurs with a dog bite, who is at fault can sometimes get a bit messy. But, more often than not dogs who are not properly restrained, trained, and cared for are the ones you here about in these cases. If a dog is aggressive and is allowed unrestrained around humans than this fault falls on its owner.

Simplicity of the Case

As any case, everyone is unique and different to the last. Dog bite personal injury as no exception. Alongside the process of personal injury in general, because it is a dog bite case, the complexity of this rises slightly, but the team here at the Law Office of Scott Blumen, is here and ready to assist you when you’re ready.

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